Are your limp, flavorless pickles disappointing everyone?

Uncover the secrets to crisp, flavorful artisan pickles at home

Enjoy show stopping artisan pickles any time & every time!

If you are anything like me, you have already tried recipe after recipe in pursuit of the perfect pickle... but they've all fallen short.

No matter what you do, your pickles turn out

  • Limp
  • Flavorless &
  • Disappointing

You end up leaving those sad pickles on the shelf for a couple of years before guiltily tossing them in the food waste bin so you can use the jars again.

Or worse...

Bringing them to a family BBQ and disappointing everyone.

I still remember the twisted look on my Aunt Karen’s face when she bit into one of those sad, limp pickles I had brought to a family BBQ.

I have never wanted to crawl under a table and hide so badly in my life.

As a hobby canner and backyard gardener, what started out as a desire to preserve the food from my garden,

quickly turned into a quest to create delicious artisan pickles I could be proud of.

But, with so much room for error and disappointment, who wants to waste their time, money, and effort on pickle recipes that are doomed to fail from the start?

Kitchen Notes, Spring

After that disastrous BBQ, I am in pursuit of the perfect pickle.

I began to learn everything I could about the art & science of pickling.

  • I read 100's of books & 1000's of blogs
  • I spent hours and days in my hot kitchen testing
  • I tried countless methods for creating the perfect pickle
  • I spent $100's on cucumbers & $100's more on canning jars
  • I even visited a food museum to explore pickling history

Kitchen Notes, Fall

At last, I have finally unlocked the secrets to the perfect Artisan Pickle. I cannot wait for the next family BBQ, redemption awaits!

It’s been 8 years since I created the first batch of perfectly crisp, flavorful artisan pickles.

My pickles have since won 38 awards including Artisan Pickle of the Year!

More importantly, my Aunt Karen loves my pickles now and regularly brags about them to all of her friends.

Delicious, home-canned artisan pickles are possible.

I want to share my pickling secrets with you!

Let’s put some pep in your step at that next family BBQ with...

The CRISP Method

The only fail-proof process for hobby canners who want to easily create

show-stopping artisan pickles that will even impress Aunt Karen.

With The CRISP Method, you'll

  • Enjoy perfectly crisp pickles every time, even if you’ve never had success before
  • Quickly learn everything you need to know about home canning safety so that you can be sure your pickles are always safe to eat
  • Learn insider secrets for buying the best pickling cucumbers and where to actually find them
  • With my pickling success checklist, you’ll always know exactly what you need to can your next batch of pickles
  • Always find the best canning products, during canning season - even if things seem to be sold out everywhere! (hint - it’s not Amazon)
  • Never eat a flavorless pickle again when you use my secret pickling spice recipe

Have confidence your pickles will be perfect every time with my easy-to-follow process for delicious artisan pickles!

First Place!

"My pickles won first place at our 14th annual community Artisan Makers Showcase! Thank you for teaching me ALL your secrets!" - Jasmine


Here's what you get with The CRISP Method:


Module 1: Canning Safety is Never Optional

Ensure your home-canned foods are safe with these easy to follow steps

Most canning recipes in blogs exclude key information every home canner must follow to ensure the safety of their home-canned foods. Dangerous bacteria can cause serious illness, but it’s a simple process to eliminate nearly all risks, once you know what to do.

Module 2: How to find what you need to get started

Ditch the overwhelm and know exactly what to do to set yourself up for success

Learn the secrets to finding the perfect pickling cucumbers - or cukes as we call them - and all the best canning equipment... even in the middle of canning season.



Module 3: The CRISP Method

Make pickles you’ll be proud to take to your next family BBQ with my step by step pickling process

I will walk you through my process for making perfectly crisp and delicious artisan pickles. After this module, you’ll know exactly how to make crisp, flavorful pickles every time, with ease. You'll never waste time on bad batches again!

But things wouldn't be complete without these -



Artfully Pickled


35 Award-Winning Artisan Pickle Recipes that will wow even the pickiest of critics.

$27 Value


Facebook Group Membership

6 months access to my private Facebook group where you can get support along your pickling journey, attend live workshops where I share exclusive tips and tricks not found anywhere else, and more.

$99 Value


Troubleshooting Guide

Pickle troubles got you down? Not any more! With my Troubleshooting Guide, you’ll easily solve the most common pickling problems before they even start.

$17 Value

Fun Family Activity!

"I haven't had this much fun in the kitchen with my family in a long time. These recipes are so easy to follow - even my husband enjoys them!" - Mia

The Pickled Promise

If you don’t make the best pickles of your life, you deserve your money back!

I want you to make pickles that even Aunt Karen won’t have anything to complain about.

If your pickles are still soft and bland after you've implemented everything you've learned in the course - I will issue you a refund no questions asked!

Just shoot me an email at and I’ll take care of everything!


I’m pretty busy, how long will it take me to learn to make pickles?

You can learn to make fail-proof pickles in as little as 1 day (after you collect the required supplies and equipment).

Do I need special canning equipment in order to make pickles?

Yes. At a minimum, you will need the appropriate canning jars, lids, and rings as well as a canning pot (or large stockpot) and a jar grabber to safely remove the jars after canning. Don't worry, you won't need to spend more than about $20 for the equipment to get started.

Will you be releasing more canning courses in the future?

Yes! I am working on a jam-making course right now!

I don't like cucumbers. Will this course still work for me?

Yes! Many vegetables can be pickled the same way. I have included several recipes in the Artfully Pickled E-Book Bonus.

If you have a question that wasn't answered here, please feel free to reach out to me at and I will be happy to help.

I know you’re tired of flavorless, limp pickles.

Don’t waste another canning season on mediocre results.

You deserve pickles that are crisp, full of flavor, and delight even the pickiest people.

You can have confidence that with The CRISP Method

Your pickles will be perfect every time

You'll save time & money with my tried and true methods

You will always know exactly what you need to can your next batch

You'll learn everything you need to know about canning safety

Delicious artisan pickles are just a click away

The Crisp Method

Crisp Course - Unlimited Access

Pickling Success Checklist

Facebook Group Support

Artfully Pickled E-Book

Trouble Shooting Guide

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